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by Bliss

Tree dancing ornament Black/Natural/Off White Anna Nera Set of 2

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We are completely in love with the beautiful Fairtrade Christmas collection from ANNA NERA made of handmade paper. These beautiful black/natural/Off white Christmas trees with a golden star on top are real eye-catchers in your Christmas tree or hanging from a beautiful Christmas branch in a vase or pot. The Christmas trees are supplied per set of 2. The paper used for this Christmas collection is made from water hyacinths. These aquatic plants block the waterways and by cutting them down and making paper from them, the waterways are cleared and mosquitoes can therefore not easily multiply and thus fewer diseases arise. A super win-win situation. Good for the environment, fair wages for the craftsmen and beautiful Christmas decorations for you! Handmade fair trade in Bangladesh.


Height approx. 15 and 17cm
Width approx. 6cm and 7cm


Handmade paper from the water hyacinth




Anna Nera