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Linen waffle pillow cover with fringes Off-Wite

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Very decorative is this beautiful and soft linen waffle pillow with fringe edge from the beautiful Scandinavian brand Xeraliving. Shop our beautiful collection of home linen now at

Linen waffle pillow with fringes Off-Wite

Very decorative is this beautiful and soft linen waffle pillow with fringe edge and a beautiful button closure at the back of the beautiful Scandinavian brand Xeraliving.

A beautiful pillow to style on the couch or on your bed.

The cushion features a stylish Xeraliving logo label made from natural cork. And has beautiful eco buttons at the back made of recycled paper.

Xeraliving is committed to sustainability and only uses recycled or certified natural materials. And prefers linen for its great properties; it is environmentally friendly, long lasting and feels great on the skin.

The products are designed in Finland and produced in Portugal.

It's super nice that when you buy a Xeraliving textile product, you also get flowers! The product tags are in fact made of biodegradable paper with embedded flower seeds (mainly daisies).

Note! Inner cushion not included




100% Linen



Washing instructions

Wash at 40 degrees

When you take good care of your linen products they will keep delighting your ordinary days in life as well as special occasions.

When washing linen it is good to remember a few things:

1. Fibers are easily detached from linen especially in the first few washes, for this reason it is recommended to wash linen separately.

2. Linen is recommended to be washed in the shortest possible program without a pre-wash. For best results, wet the linen before washing.

3. Fill the washing machine only to its half when washing linen: this ensures that linen will get the needed amount of water to be clean and the loose fibers will be washed away. In addition, a half way filled machine will reduce wrinkling during washing.

4. Chlorine bleaching for our linen products is prohibited, but you can use white bleach detergents based on oxygen bleaching for white linen. Please note that natural linen starts to lighten really quickly with white detergent, therefore use a coloured laundry detergent to maintain the depth of the natural beige hue.

5. Do not use fabric softeners, it will reduce the absorbency of the fabric. Laundry vinegar can be used without worries.

6. The recommended washing temperature for our linen products is 40°C. For environmental reasons we recommend washing in as low temperatures as possible. Linen is antibacterial and therefore it washes also in low temperatures.

7. Linen should be spin dry only gently: max 800 rpm.

8. If linen is left in the washing machine/laundry basket waiting to be set to dry, wrinkles are easily created, the linen will need re-wetting and ironing in order to get rid of the wrinkles. Linen can also be put through a clothes wringer. If you want to use a clothes wringer or iron your linen it is best done while they are still a bit moist. Please note that buttons and zippers may be damaged in a clothes wringer; for these products we recommend ironing avoiding zippers and buttons.

9. Tumble dry only gently. The dryer loosens the fibres in the linen; the textile will get soft, but becomes weaker over time.

10. The properties of linen include that it is scent-free and clean. Linen certainly does get dirty and will smell dirty, but it takes more time than with many other fibres. Linen does therefore not need washing very often. To ensure a long lifespan we recommend to wash the textiles only when needed and as gently as possible.

11. Linen loves to be used! It will soften and feel better and ‘gets better with age’.