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by Bliss

Lantern Return to Sender gold 12cm

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This beautiful lantern from the fair trade brand Return to Sender is very decorative.

The tea light is hand-woven in India from gold-coloured metal wire and has glass on the inside.

The braiding technique used arose from weaving twigs in baskets for practical daily use.

Also super fun to style and create a cozy atmosphere together with the large variant.

About Return to Sender:

Return to Sender was founded in 2006 by Katja Schuurman. During the many trips that Katja made, she discovered that the poorest of the world are sometimes full of ambition. They do not lack will or talent, but opportunities and possibilities. In addition to poverty, Katja saw wonderful projects and that is how, during a trip for BNN to India, the idea for Return to Sender was born: fair trade as the motor behind sustainable development.

Return to Sender's mission is to help women build a life for themselves and their families through fair and sustainable trade. By introducing the women to the Western market in a sustainable way, they can immediately improve their living conditions and learn how to maintain this in the future.

We sell handmade products, made by women in the poorest regions of the world, to help them build a life for themselves and their families. Our income goes directly 'return to sender' (back to the maker), which contributes to a better wage for the women.


Height approx. 12cm
Diameter approx. 7cm


Metal & Glass


Gold / Transparent


Return to Sender