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by Bliss

KYWIE Key Ring Baby Blue Suede

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This KYWIE Keyring in baby blue is very cute, for example to keep your baby bottles warm.

The KYWIE Key Ring is a bottomless Koozie 'on the go', ideal for instant #kywiemoments.

The KYWIE Keyring is a cup holder and key ring in 1 made of 100% natural and sustainable sheepskin and completely biodegradable. The most functional keychain available!
In short, your Koozie 'on the go'.
Unhook and immediately suitable as a Koozie for cups, cans and glasses, baby bottles of approx. 330 ml. It keeps your drink cold and your hands warm. Or vice versa.

The Key Ring is designed in the Netherlands and made in Europe.

“The Keyring” is 11cm long and can hold 330ml cans, tea/coffee glasses and baby bottles (it has the same dimensions as the Kywie Koozie).

Additional advantage: it is also a key protector and key finder in a large handbag. You'll be surprised how often it comes in handy.

So it not only cools cold drinks but also keeps baby bottles nice and warm.

KYWIE® is the only 100% natural "cooler" designed to keep all drinks at an even temperature.

The natural insulating properties of TEXEL wool ensure that the temperature is maintained.

Kywie works with natural, biodegradable materials and keeping the footprint to an absolute minimum is an essential part of KYWIE's philosophy

The cooler is also a very beautiful and original gift to give!
Very nice to give as a maternity gift, for example.

KYWIE coolers become more beautiful with time. It's just like your favorite leather jacket. However, if you want to protect your cooler, use a suede spray for the suede coolers. After being treated with a suede spray, stains can be carefully wiped off with a suede brush. Just like with suede shoes, do not forget to re-impregnate them regularly with the suede spray.

When the cooler is wet, keep it away from sunlight or direct heat sources to prevent it from losing its natural flexibility.

Note! Because the KYWIE Key Rings are made from 100% Natural materials, there may be slight variations in color, texture and markings. But it is precisely these imperfections that contribute to the beauty and individual character of each cooler.


Height approx. 11cm
Ø 8-9cm (Sheepskin is elastic)
The optimal size for the Key Ring is 330 ml cans, glasses and baby bottles.


100% Natural sheep's wool on the inside, Suede on the outside


Light blue with a beige trim