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by Bliss

Linen cushion cover Malaga White 40x60

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This beautiful elegant white cushion from Passion for Linen is made of 100% washed linen. The cushion has a playful frayed edge.

Pay attention! cushion cover is without inner cushion.


Length: 60 cm
WIdth: 40 cm


100% Linen



Washing instructions

We advise you to wash our products at a maximum of 40 ° C. Do not use too much and preferably liquid detergent without bleach. Do not overload the washing machine as this can break down fibers.

We also recommend removing laundry from the washing machine immediately after washing. We prefer to let the products dry in the open air and then dry them briefly in the tumble dryer when they are almost dry. This makes the bedding softer and less wrinkled. Most of our products do not need to be ironed afterwards. Washed linen in particular should have a slightly creased look, which makes ironing unnecessary. Of course it is allowed.
If you prefer to tumble dry, do so at a low temperature.

Always wash duvet covers, pillowcases and cushion covers inside out, then you will enjoy them much longer!

Does linen shrink?
The shrinkage of linen depends on the drying method. When linen products are dried in a hot dryer, the product can shrink by 10 to 15%. If you let it dry naturally, your linen product will only shrink by 4 to 5%. If you prefer the dryer, do this at a low temperature.


Passion for Linen