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by Bliss

Old wooden candle holder

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We are completely in love with these sturdy old candle holders with a beautiful weathered look.
Also super fun to combine several candlesticks with each other and thus create a bohemian vibe in your interior.

Note on! It is a wooden candlestick so never leave the candles burning unattended.


Candlestick 1: Height approx. 13.5cm

Candlestick 2: Height approx. 14cm

Candlestick 3: Height approx. 18cm

Candlestick 4: Height approx. 19cm

Candlestick 5: Height approx. 14.5cm

Candlestick 6: Height approx. 18cm

Candlestick 7: Height approx. 14cm

Candlestick 8: Height approx. 15cm

Candlestick 9: Height approx. 16.5cm

Candlestick 10: Height approx. 13cm

Candlestick 11 Rose: Height approx. 21cm


Old wood / Metal


Natural / Rust