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by Bliss

X-mas tree curly standing Anna Nera

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We are completely in love with the beautiful Fairtrade Christmas collection from ANNA NERA This stylish Offwhite standing Christmas tree with a golden star on top gives your interior a festive atmosphere. The Christmas tree comes in a gift box. This handmade curly tree is made of jute pulp. Jute twine fibers are cut and recycled by hand to make an excellent eco-friendly pulp for paper. Artisans in Bangladesh use the recycled pulp to form the base of each jute sheet. Then they cut the paper and make this beautiful curled Christmas tree. A super win-win situation. Good for the environment, fair wages for the craftsmen and beautiful Christmas decorations for you! Handmade Fairtrade in Bangladesh. ANNA NERA only works with WFTO Fairtrade organizations. These ventures are transforming local communities, pioneering upcycling, empowering women and practicing organic farming. Their impact goes far and wide. These are the enterprises of the new economy.


Height approx. 21cm
Width approx. 12cm


Handmade paper




Anna Nera